See What Our Customers Are Saying

"This was our second new house and first with Big Sky so we are able to compare living in new builds. Yes, Building with Big Sky might be a bit more than some other builders, but just like anything else, you get what you pay for. We love the quality and look of our current home and can tell it will hold up so much better than our previous new build (one of the reasons we wanted to move).

If you're looking for your forever home I would recommend Big Sky and Tino's process. Be prepared to spend more on extras and upgrades that you didn't account for or know about at the beginning of the process. We love all of our upgrades but prepare to spend more than the purchase price on: lighting fixtures, color/stone of home, countertops, landscaping, appliances, winter construction fees, etc... In the end, you end up with a house pretty much exactly how you want it.

I love the tall ceilings, big 3 car garage, and the process was streamlined very well."
--Phil N.

"Tino Pulice at Big Sky built my home 20 years ago. I continue to be very happy with this home! He did things the correct way as opposed to the cheap way and evidenced integrity throughout the building process. I highly recommend Tino and Big Sky Development."
--Kellie W.

"Big Sky was a great builder and listened to what my wife and I wanted in our new house. The build quality it above-code with a lot of focus on structural strength and energy-efficiency. Well done!!"
--John K.

Working with Tino and Big Sky Development was a very different experience than the other two homes that I've built. Tino was always available and would answer my texts/calls almost immediately. He was always professional and worked with us to help us build our dream home. We are very happy with our Big Sky Home and are happy to be in our forever home!! Thanks Tino!!
-Sandy M.

I would like to share my building experience working with Big Sky Development. I am a single mother of 2 adult children that no longer live with me and was finally building my dream house for "me". My first meeting with Tino I was a bit nervous being a lady by myself...but he made me feel at ease right from the start. Everything was typed out phase by phase on who I would be meeting with for all my color selections which helped a lot. Domini was a big help listening to what color scheme and look I was going can be a bit overwhelming but we all worked as a team. During each phase I worked with different people, the were all very professional and truly cared about "My home" and wanted me to be happy when I walked through that door! At the end of this journey which at times I thought would never end.. I have my DREAM home, and I have friends for a lifetime. Thank you Big Sky Development.
-Lisa W.

"We are second time home builders and highly recommend Big Sky. We were not specifically looking to build a Big Sky home, we just happened to find a home that was being built by Big Sky as a spec home and fell in love with everything about it. From our very first meeting with Tino we felt relaxed and comfortable that we would have a positive building experience. Throughout the building process, all of our questions and concerns were answered promptly and patiently. Now that we are in, any small thing that has come up is a phone call away from being handled. Tino and his staff are very approachable, attentive, and caring. At that first meeting, Tino told us "I really want you to be happy" and we truly couldn't be happier with our experience! Thank you, Big Sky for building our family's dream home! "
-R & L Robinson

"Working with Big Sky Development was a very positive experience. They are knowledgeable and were easy to work with during the entire process. From working with an architect to customize a floor plan by moving a wall, a staircase and adding a pantry to regular on-site inspections of our house during the building phase; from adding electrical sockets based on our needs to having meetings to select all the small details in the house, Tino and his team was always just a phone call away."
--Mr. and Mrs. Foster

"We were first time home builders when Big Sky built our home. We had no idea how the process worked and Big Sky made it easy for us. When we brought our initial plans and described what we wanted. Big Sky provided many helpful ideas to build into the plans according to what we "really" wanted. Ideas we would have never thought of. We were able to incorporate these into our plans and we are very happy with the end result."
-Brian Dean

"We finally decided to build with Big Sky Development after meeting with many builders. Every question we had was answered and Tino's knowledge of the building and financing industry was impressive. We started building in the fall and our home was complete 6 months later even after a harsh winter. Big Sky Development still managed to work consistently on the home and complete it as promised. We love working with Domini in selecting all our material and color choices. They made the building and financing process that you hear so many stories about-a fun and exciting experience. We would highly recommend Big Sky Development if you are looking for a custom built home."
--The Underwoods

"We broke ground the week after getting married. It was the most fun and exciting year of our lives. From picking our house plan to picking the granite everything went smooth. Tino and Domini took the time to make sure we were comfortable with all the decisions we made and very helpful when we couldn't decide. Tino really listened to us when we explained the style we liked the incorporated our wishes into the plan. He was also helpful when we wanted to change something mid build. Whenever we couldn't visualize the end result, Tino would tell us to trust him...he knew what we wanted and he built us a beautiful home. We've been in the house 7 months now and have had very few issues, but when something does go wrong, he has it fixed that day! Building a house is nerve wrecking and exciting but we would do it all over again and ask Big Sky to build it! "
--Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert

"I recently completed the 'closing' of my beautiful, new home in Fenton, MI, in the Fenton Orchards subdivision.
My builder, Big Sky Development, was a pleasure to work with as they guided me through the complex process of designing, building, decorating and completing a 'dream come true' house that exceeded my expectations. Throughout the building process many contractors were often overheard discussing the quality of Big Sky's construction.... it was nice to hear nothing but compliments from the pro's.
I highly recommend anyone to visit Big Sky and see for yourself the personal care and quality they put in their houses.
Big Sky builds more than a house, they build a home...
Thank you to the entire Big Sky team."
--Steven W.

"During the construction of my soon to be home, Big Sky Development has been engaged in some significant design challenges as my interests differ from the ordinary. A recent example would be my request for entirely new/revised truss layout which posed significant challenges and creative design. Tino accepted the challenge without hesitation, driving creativity within his vendors/designers and accomplishing the targeted final appearance as requested. The great owner-builder relationship has certainly made way for a fluid and trusting process."
--Jeffrey B.

"I have had several contractors in my home for various reasons since I moved in. Every single one of them has marveled at the high quality of materials used in construction of my home. I am very pleased with Tino and his support staff. His contractors have all been very polite and agreeable. I would highly recommend that you choose Big Sky Development for construction of your home!"
--Nancy D.

"I used Big Sky Development to do a remodel in my home. The staff, as well as the trades, at Big Sky Development did amazing work, in a timely manner. My girlfriend and I met with Tino, and his employees at my house to talk about my visions. They had great quality materials, and selections to choose from. The trim carpenters, and flooring guys spent a few days at my house making my visions come to life. I enjoyed working with Big Sky, and have recommended them to family and friends. I am so pleased with my renovations. Thank you again!"
--Austin G.

"1st home built by a builder, but not our 1st home. Have remodeled several homes over our lifetime and were ready to build our retirement home thru a builder. Worked with Tino and his staff closely during construction of our new home. They were always right on mark, with high quality and great craftsmen...any questions asked were answered, concerns, changes were addressed quickly. Loved our experience. After move in date, we had a few small items that needed attention...our request were addressed within hours to just a few days. Domini, kept in touch with us and made sure everything was to our satisfaction. If only we knew then what we know now, we would have had a Big Sky Home 20 years ago!!"
--Sally S.

"We have lived in Fenton Orchards for a little over a year. My wife and I worked with Tino and his staff to design our custom home. We are extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome, along with the quality of our home. Regarding the warrantee and workmanship, it has been painless and effortless to get it completed due to his staff member Domini. She is part of Tino staff, and she has been very pleasant, prompt and courteous to us, along with all of the tradesman that have been back to do the repairs. We believe Tino/Big Sky has built us a quality home that is backed by his 10 year warranty and would recommend his company to build you a quality custom home."
--Greg G.

"I had the pleasure of hiring Tino Pulice of Big Sky Development for new home construction in Deerfield Preserve subdivision, located in Brighton. Although Big Sky offers pre-selected home plans to choose from, I opted to bring my own plan to the table, which I further customized. I found Tino and his staff to be very attentive and thorough in accommodating my many special requests. Tino has an efficient schedule in place, which ensures the building process moves along smoothly, with very little stress on the customer. I would highly recommend Big Sky to anyone wanting a one-of-a-kind home by a custom builder who clearly has an eye for top-notch skilled trades. Several of my friends and family members have commented on the high quality workmanship and attention to detail in my new home. Many thanks to Tino and his staff, I couldn't be happier with the product delivered!"

"We just moved Into our custom home. From the very beginning Tino was open to what we wanted in a home. We came to the table with our own home design and some very specific likes and dislikes. He accommodated all of them. I especially appreciate his responsiveness in getting back to my emails within a business day or less. The quality of work is great. My husband was a finished carpenter (is his younger days) and is very happy with the end product. If you want a builder who builds quality homes and doesn't just slap them up then use Big Sky."
--Melissa R.

"We are currently living in the home of our dreams thanks to Tino and the entire crew at Big Sky Development. They walked us through every step with such care and ease. Working with Paige and Domini has been a dream as well. Our experience with everyone has been top notch and we highly recommend them! Thank you to Tino and the entire crew at Big Sky for taking such great care of us and building us our little slice of heaven!"
--Marissa H.

"I cannot say enough about Tino and his team at Big Sky Development as well as his trades groups. I was totally impressed with the process model he has developed for his company. You were always in the loop as to what was being done next on the list. Highly professional, High quality materials and very responsiveness. Any time I asked for something there were no questions and it was done. Even during Covid when material supplies were an issue the home was still completed in less than 8 months. Highly recommended!!"
--Marianne A.